comp Spinal Cord Injury Research Study | SCiStar Study AST‐OPC1

About the SCiStar Study

Doctors are actively seeking participants for a clinical research study to evaluate three increasing doses of AST-OPC1, an investigational agent for people who recently suffered a cervical (in the neck) spinal cord injury (SCI). All doses of the investigational agent must be administered at a single point in time between 21 and 42 days after injury. Use our interactive prescreener to determine if someone you know may qualify to participate in the study.

A spinal cord injury (SCI) typically results from a physical blow that fractures or dislocates the disks of bone that make up the spine, disrupting sensory signals between the brain and the body. SCI degrees of seriousness and treatment options vary.

Get answers to questions about cervical spinal cord injury, AST-OPC1 oligodendrocyte progenitor cells, SCiStar study eligibility requirements and more.